a life in song

intro: “the day the music……….came alive” - the day I heard Led Zep III.
i’d had a very normal loving upbringing - no abuse just the trauma of losing a parent when i was 10 which made me intensely independent and protective of my younger brothers.
it was a sunny morning when a friend & I decided to skip school after registration and head off to his home in the Saddleworth hills. once there he said “listen to this” and proceeded to play “immigrant song” from LZ III at window shaking volume.
it was an aural epiphany. I’d been aware of music in a superficial sense but this just blew me away and I thought “I have to have some more of this”. it woke me up!
I had the album for my 14th birthday and went to se the band in Manchester later that year - discovering a whole world of astounding music over the next few years.

noun: verisimilitude
the appearance of being true or real.

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